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Spa Facial Treatment


Microderm Resurfacing Facial


Targets fine lines, dark spots, and excess dead skin, while gently exfoliating to reveal ultra smooth skin texture. Paired with a deep cleanse, enzyme or peel, targeted treatments for your skin's needs, and relaxing massage.

90 min

Customized Mini Facial


Targeted treatment for a specific skincare need. Choose from one of the following things to focus on: Deep Cleanse & Extract, Peel & Exfoliate, or Soothe & Hydrate

30 min

Facial For 2

Facial for two people in the same room. Enjoy a relaxing facial side by side. Please call us to confirm booking. This appointment requires staff confirmation to ensure 2 estheticians are availalbe. 

60 min

Acne & Blemish Clearing Facial


Targeted treatment for skin in need of extra extractions. Includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, enzyme/peel, treatment masks & serums, and high frequency, with extra time built in to remove excess acne, milia, pustules, clogged pores, and blemishes.

90 min

Customized Facial

108 / 156

Personalized treatment to give your skin exactly what it needs. Deep cleansing, extractions, massage, treatment mask, gentle enzyme or chemical-peel, high frequency, & more will reveal softer, smoother, glowing skin and leave you feeling phenomenal!

60 min / 90 min

Mama Glow Facial


Pregnancy & breastfeeding safe. Bring out that pregnancy glow with this ultra relaxing, gentle enzyme treatment. Correct hormonal skin changes, deep cleanse, and brighten tone.

60 min

Total Skin Makeover


5 treatment series to reset, reboot, and revitalize your skin! We will create a customized plan for your specific skincare goals. Each treatment consists of a 60min. targeted session including any modality, peel, or protocol your skin needs to achieve optimal results. This series also includes an 8 item skincare product bundle for you to use during the duration of your makeover series, and further. Series price saves up to $160!

Prices listed are our base price and offered from Junior(JR) Estheticians. Add 6% to services offered from Senior(SR) Estheticians or 10% from Master(M) Estheticians. 

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