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Claudia Jauregui


Claudia is an esthetician who has always had an admiration and passion for beauty, and a ambition to help others. She has taken her two passions and found something she can be successful in. Esthetics allows her to help others find there most comfortable and confident selves. When she isn’t working, Claudia enjoys spending her time hiking , enjoying nature or with spending time with family and friends making memories.


Rachel Townsend


Rachel is a Santa Cruz Mountain native of 23 years, who loves to take care of others. She enjoys connecting to her clients in ways that create long lasting trust and strong relationships and sees each appointment as more than a simple service. Each service is valuable time spent with a friend. Her own struggle with skin discoloration and scarring is what drew her to the beauty community; which in turn inspired her to help others in their own skincare journeys. After graduating esthetics school and diving straight into working in the industry, she fell in love with hair removal - specifically sugaring!


Hailey Barnholt


Hailey is a Cosmetologist born and raised in Santa Cruz County. While attending Cosmetology school, she knew from the start that skincare was her passion. She loves helping people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. While Hailey isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, walking on the beach, and hanging out with her Bearded Dragon, Reggie, and her dogs, Buddy and Nova.


Jess O'Neill


Jess is a passionate esthetician who found her draw to the esthetics world through her own struggles with acne. With a passion for helping others embrace their beauty, she creates a warm and welcoming environment for her clients. She enjoys creating deep and trusting relationships with her clients to ensure they get the best care possible. In her off time Jess, enjoys crocheting, cooking, and spending time with her loved ones! 


Destiny Baca


Destiny is an esthetician dedicated to helping clients understand their skin to embrace their individual beauty. Her goal is to help her clients be self-assured and hold an overall positive self-image of themselves. Destiny's personal insecurities with acne and skin discoloration pushed her into the skincare industry and drove her desire to help others with the same skin concerns. She has always had a love for the beauty industry and its constant expansion in beauty technology and trends. She is a firm believer in natural beauty  and the idea that we all are perfect in our own unique ways. She encourages her clients to remember it is natural for things such as acne to become problematic, and while we can treat and correct skin concerns, having them present doesn't take away from the constant beauty we all possess. When Destiny is away from the treatment room she is spending quality time with family and friends. She enjoys the beach, hiking, gym time and being crafty!

Se habla español! 

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